Living well, with aortic disease, or another major health challenge, takes a little thought! I think about it a lot, to help you and others!

After diagnosing an abdominal aortic aneurysm, and receiving a stent graft, in 2010, I'm still enjoying Ironman races. For safety, I had to modify the workouts, based on my veterinary medical training - it's all described in my latest book, Prepare For Aging: Inspirational Stories To Keep You Moving.

During these years experience of living with an abdominal aortic aneurysm stent graft, I learned a thing or two. For instance, don't fall off your bike! I'm happy to answer questions and concerns that go beyond the input of your doctors and surgeons. Most of them don't live with a major health challenge, we do. There's a difference!

Once you work through the necessary education and questions, you will be able to:

  • Handle the stresses, knowing when to advocate for yourself.
  • Find people to talk to, who've been there, and understand your situation.
  • Be more prepared for the journey ahead.
  • Improve your chances of enjoying your grandchildren - that's my youngest grandkid, in the cover photo, after I finished a race in Lake Placid - I love to keep learning and moving.

This book was written for anyone living with a major health challenge, including life-threatening surgery and the aftermath. You have to learn how to cope, and then enjoy life, in spite of it all. That's the trick!

- Learn to select the best medical approach for you.
- Be ready to ask the right questions of your medical team.
- Handle the information, and don't forget to take an advocate to the hospital.
- Come to terms with your condition, and find your 'tribe' online, starting with Facebook!
- Determine the benefits and risks of returning to a physical activity, to help keep you healthy. 


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Creation Of FitOldDog, The Author

This is where my life changed, due to aortic disease. Oddly enough, it changed for the better, in many ways.

You can also follow my newsletter, at this link.  Of my newsletter subscribers, 25% have aortic disease, based on a recent survey. Other subjects addressed, include healthy aging, sports injuries, and saving animals from unnecessary abuse.


5.0 out of 5 starsExcellent Find!!! By groffm on June 9, 2016 Format: Kindle Edition Excellent words about coping with life after discovering you have aortic disease. I found out I have an abdominal aortic aneurysm and it was extremely frightening!

Aortic Disease Patient


I guarantee you’ll find this book valuable if you’re trying understand aortic disease from the patient's perspective. Rarely do the medical professionals have a chance to look into our world. We go home, have little or no guidance on how to live our lives. I was fortunate to have veterinary medical training. This permitted me to think through the benefits and dangers of exercise and other activities.


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