IT'S ABOUT INSPIRING PEOPLE to return to their favorite activities, if it's safe to do so, as part of their surgery recovery.

I just happen to like running, but this surgery recovery guide also applies to golf, cycling, swimming, walking in the woods or hiking, whatever you enjoy.

Your goal might be as simple as reaching the bathroom unaided, after your surgery (I remember that goal), or maybe you plan to undertake an ultramarathon (I've not done that yet, but I would like to try!).

This book is about educated guidance, and ultimately, 'safe exercise for better health,' following life-saving surgery.

An exercised aorta is a healthy aorta!
An exercise heart is a healthy heart!

A life without risk is no life at all!

Wisdom dictates reasonable risks, and informed exercise.

That's what my work is about.
Wishing you happy trails.

5.0 out of
5 stars

"Kevin, keep up the good work. You inspired me to get back into running."
This book will inspire you!
By Jim the Runner, with an abdominal aortic aneurysm stent graft. Review on July 17, 2016
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Surgery Recovery Guide

Incisive and gentle guide by someone who has been there. Things you might not have thought of, and a careful and considered way forward after surgery on an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Links to his blog and other books that can help you find courage and your best self."

Tucker Whitson Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm 

You come back from the doctor and he tells you have a AAA aneurysm. What is that?!!! The author is a man of perfect health, who did marathons and ironman triathlons. He finds out he has a ticking time-bomb in his belly, ready to rupture. He covers the initial shock, how to handle the surgery event, post surgery, and how to get your life back. You will find out how fortunate you are to find this aneurysm before it ruptures and you bleed to death, inside your body. Knowledge is power and thanks to modern science, you will be saved by a dacron stent. The author will walk you through most of the questions that flood your brain, after the doctor breaks the news to you. If your aneurysm is not in the danger zone (>5 cm), you will get tips on what you can do to help yourself keep the aneurysm in the safe zone. If are in the danger zone, you can look at some of the surgery options. He will talk about EVAR surgery, where your surgeon doesn't have to cut you open, but uses this minimally invasive alternative with a high success rate. He will go over your attitude, and how you can get back to doing most all the activities you did before. He will point out some extreme activities you should avoid. Lastly he will show how he was able to recover his life back, to the point where he could do the Ironman Triathlon again (swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles and running 26.2 miles). He provides links to other helpful sites. After you read this, it will give you confidence that you too can get your life back. It worked for me. I am back running again and I love it."

After being diagnosed with an Ascending Aneurysm I needed all the information that i could get on Aorta issues. This book has everything you need to know not only about the issue but what might come next with surgery. A must read if you've been diagnosed with an Aorta Aneurysm or know someone who has. Kevin has been a great help to all of us who have the issue and need someone to talk to or ask questions on this silent killer. A must read."

"3 weeks ago I was diagnosed with a dilated ascending aorta. Fear is now a part of my life. Kevin has done a great service for those of us who must journey down this road by shining a light on how best we can prepare ourselves. It's an easy read. Generous with links to other book recommendations, support groups and other individuals who have not only survived, but thrived after their surgeries."

Good Jack

  Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm


When it comes to reclaiming your life with a stent, there are lots of issues to address - you have to carefully consider all the the benefits and the risks.

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