The Art And Science Of Active, Healthy Aging

It's quite a journey, have fun!

Nuggets of wisdom to keep you fit safely. There's good advice in Kevin's book, that people of all ages can benefit from..

Walter Shaw Frazer

The Creation Of FitOldDog

Lessons Learned Led To This Book - We All Need Guidance, On Safe Exercise, As We Age

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

4    Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. Patience: taking your time, while pushing yourself gently along, is the way to make progress.  Learn Joe Friels Styrofoam Cup Lesson, to teach you patience and to respect your limits.
  2. Body awareness requires listening to you body. If you don't listen, it will let you know by sending pain signals. Better to heed warnings before they reach the level of beware, danger. Simple instructions will teach you how to listen, It's easy, and fun!
  3. Balance, a critical skill as we age. My balance exercises include online videos. One fall can ruin your old age, so master this skill before you need it, and you may never suffer a hip fracture.
  4. Symmetry and flexibility. A wide range of exercises are available to improve misalignments and tight muscles. I recommend that you study body awareness first - I've heard too many stories from people who were injured in their first Yoga class, by following a young, overenthusiastic instructor.. Learn to know your limits.

About The Author

I'm a veterinary pathologist, research scientist, and vegan Ironman-distance triathlete, with an abdominal aortic aneurysm stent graft. I provide safe exercise and healthy aging advice, for those dealing with aortic disease and other health challenges. My work is based on a life-time of biological research, and extensive body-awareness training, from martial arts to Feldenkrais. I do not want to age gracefully! I intend to live life fully, with whatever means I have at my disposal, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I also work to save animals and people from factory farming.

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