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Why VOXX Socks?

Geneva Loves Your VOXX Socks: FitOldDog Neophyte Sock Salesman, Selling A Product, VOXXLife Socks, He Believes In!

Two weeks later!

"How do you like your socks, now, Geneva? I can always take them back. No problem!"

"No! I think they're wonderful. I didn't even want to take them off to wash them!"

Hi! I'm Kevin Morgan

I'm a veterinarian, but my passion is athletics, fitness and training. I am especially interested in preventing and recovering from injuries. I must be pretty good, because I'm 73 years old and still competing in Ironman races.

I have found an amazing new product that increases balance and stability. They are called VOXXLife Socks.

Based on scientific data, these socks have a pattern woven in that helps the nerves in the soles of your feet to better communicate with your brain, thus improving your sense of balance.

There is a test for balance that YOU can use, to see how well these socks increase your stability.

OK... Stand straight up with your feet together. Now close your eyes. You will find yourself swaying around because you are relying only on your internal sense of balance to keep you upright. If you have a good sense of balance you might even be able to stand still with no swaying. Few people can do that. So, that measure of balance is one test you can use.

Here is what I found. I stood in my bare feet with my feet together. When I closed my eyes I was swaying around. Then I did the same thing with my VOXX socks. When I closed my eyes, I was stock still! I was perfectly balanced with no swaying at all. I could not believe it.

Later in my training with my bike and running, I found that the VOXX socks provided added strength and stability. So, how you feel when you are active is also important when you are evaluating the VOXX socks.

Now I wear the socks all the time, not just for athletics, but also during the day. I like the added feeling of stability that they give me.

I have a friend with multiple sclerosis. Like many with MS, she is unstable and has a problem with balance. Even standing normally, if she were to close her eyes, she would fall over. She tried the VOXX socks. When she closed her eyes she did not lose her balance. When walking down a dark hallway she used to bump into the walls. Now, with the socks, she no longer does that.

For people that I have worked with, I have found that almost everyone experiences anywhere from a little, to a marked increase in stability.

You really owe it to yourself to see what these socks can do for you.

I would really appreciate hearing about your experience with the socks.

Good luck.

Take care.


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